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Here's why Briean Boddy-Calhoun's hit on Odell Beckham Jr. was clean

Although it looked dirty, the hit was completely legal.

Former Gophers defensive back Briean Boddy-Calhoun received plenty of criticism on Monday for his tackle on Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Boddy-Calhoun went low to tackle the talented wideout and sure, it looked dirty, but it's actually a clean tackle; the evidence is below.

Beckham was diagnosed with a sprained ankle after the game – but he doesn't believe the injury will force him to miss the team's regular season opener on Sept. 10.

As ESPN's Kevin Seifert explained, if Boddy-Calhoun would have gone high with the tackle – targeting his head or neck, or if he had led with the crown of his helmet – he would have been flagged and possibly fined.

So to avoid being flagged, defenders have a tendency to go low with their tackles.

Following the conclusion of the game, the former Gopher said when you're on the football field, "it's hit or be hit."

"We're not out to take guys out or anything like that." said the defensive back. "I'm hitting them low; I'm aiming low; I'm not trying to get fined or anything but when we're on these fields we're looking to play aggressive."

Being aggressive is a key component of the Browns' defense, which is led by Greg Williams. Many football fans – especially Vikings fans – know all about Williams.

He was the defensive coordinator with the New Orleans Saints from 2009-11.

Williams was suspended by the NFL in 2012 for his involvement in Bounty Gate, in which players were paid bonus for causing injuries on targeted players. 

Many fans argue that Bounty Gate played a role in the Saints' win over the Vikings in 2009 NFC Championship Game. 

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