Actually, ESPN – it's called Duck, Duck, Gray Duck

Minnesotans took to Twitter to correct the name of the children's game.
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It doesn't matter what ESPN or Kyle Rudolph said – it's called Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.

In Monday night's Vikings-Bears game, the Vikings were celebrating in the end zone after their first touchdown with a game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. 

And everyone loved the celebration, except for one little thing ... 

Rudolph – and the ESPN announcer – said "Goose" instead of "Gray Duck" (watch the clip above). 

Cue the outrage.

This epic mistake naturally got every Minnesota paying attention riled up. They quickly responded on social media, correcting everyone

This got people – including ESPN's Michele Steele – wondering whether anyone else calls it Gray Duck. 

Just check out the replies on her tweet – pretty much everyone is saying Minnesotans are the only ones who call it Duck, Duck, Gray Duck (and we're proud of it!).

Even Wikipedia acknowledges that Minnesotans are they only ones who call it Gray Duck. 

Apparently, the children's game originated in Sweden, and it's name translates to English as Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. 

So I think that proves we're right, and that our version of the game is far superior (more on that here). 

Oh, and just in case you were too busy arguing about the proper name of the game – the Vikings did win, 20-17. 

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