Hey ladies, go to a Wolves game and get a DVD of HBO's 'Girls'


The Timberwolves are trying to get more ladies into Target Center to watch their games. The goal is to offer ladies three items they simply can't resist for the low, low price of $18.

What do they get for $18?

  1. Ticket to the game (upper deck)
  2. A drink
  3. DVD of the first season of "Girls"

How do women feel about the promotion? While some might think it's a great offer, D'Arcy Maine of espnW.com thinks of it like this:

Here's a crazy idea, Timberwolves. If you want women to come to your games, how about developing a team that, gosh I don't know, makes it to the playoffs this season? Seems that's been an impossible task during the past decade, but maybe, just maybe, that would get you the coveted female audience.

She doesn't seem to like the promotion very much, but she makes a pretty irrefutable point -- the Wolves haven't made the playoffs in about a decade.

As Yahoo! Sports puts it, this "promotion seems to exist for no other reason than that some women like both basketball and this television series."

The deal is only good for the November 16 game against the Boston Celtics... so get 'em while you can!

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