Hey, Super Bowl partiers! DWI patrols will be out in force


It's a big party day, and the Minnesota State Patrol will be out in force to make sure the party doesn't spill over to the roads.

The Associated Press reports that motorists can expect stepped up drunken driving enforcement on Sunday. Officials with the Department of Public Safety remind football fans to plan ahead for a sober ride if they will be drinking during Super Bowl festivities. Minnesota hasn’t seen an alcohol-related fatality on Super Bowl Sunday for the last five years. The Associated Press reports the Wisconsin State Patrol said that last year three people died in traffic fatalities in Wisconsin on Super Bowl Sunday. The Wisconsin State Patrol will also have extra officers on the road for DWI surveillance.

Last month, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety reported that officers had made 2,453 arrests for DWI in the state between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Those arrests came from 347 different reporting agencies.

A number of sports bars and restaurants are opening their doors to cater to football fans with both food and drink specials. Reuters reported that Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day for consumption of food and drink for Americans, behind only Thanksgiving Day. The story said that Americans will consume an estimated 50 million cases of beer on the day of the big game.

Forbes magazine predicted that Super Bowl XLVIII will set the record for viewership, anticipating that the audience will exceed the previous record of 111.3 million viewers who tuned in to Super Bowl XLVI of 2012.

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