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Hey Teddy! An old buddy has a message for you


News spread quickly Tuesday that a freak injury to his left knee had ended Teddy Bridgewater's football season before it started.

And before the results of an MRI on the Vikings' quarterback were even in, Obadiah Gamble (aka Skolbadiah) was behind the keyboard, piecing together a new song.

It's for his favorite football player, who responded to a video invitation to help Obadiah celebrate his seventh birthday a few months ago.

So at the end of a day that probably ranks among the worst in Teddy Bridgewater's life, perhaps he'll find some solace in Obadiah's musical offering.


Bridgewater, who has been active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes since his days at the University of Louisville, often uses the #CallGod hashtag with his social media posts.


It seems a certain 7 year old has been listening to that advice and knows when it bears repeating.

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