'Hey Teddy!' Boy releases rap video inviting Teddy Bridgewater to his b-day

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Passion for the Minnesota Vikings runs deep through 6-year-old Obadiah Gamble.

Gamble had one big birthday wish – that wish was to have Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater attend his seventh birthday party.

Obadiah wanted it so badly, he even released a rap video inviting Bridgewater. And it appears the Vikings quarterback has taken notice, as he retweeted several of Obadiah's invites.

And on Wednesday night that wish came true.


"He's an amazing kid and he's got amazing charisma," Vanessa Gamble, Obadiah's mom told FOX Sports North's Nate Gotlieb.

While the family wasn't sure if Bridgewater was going to be able to make it to Obadiah's party on Sunday, but the Vikings pledged to send over some autographed Bridgewater apparel and on Wednesday night Teddy made a stop himself.

With an invite like this, how could he have said no?


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