Hey Twins fans, need a beer? It'll cost you at Target Field


There's nothing quite like an ice-cold beer at a baseball game.

In Boston, Red Sox fans can enjoy a small draft beer for $7.75 – the most expensive in the big leagues.

Twins fans, who sometimes need a beer just to numb the pain of watching a game, like the two hours and 50 minutes of misery that was the Twins' 12-3 loss to the Royals in Monday's home opener, pay the second-highest price for a small draft beer in Major League Baseball, according to Business Insider.

A small draft beer at Target Field costs $7.50, but thanks to 20-ounce cups, fans pay $.38 per ounce – the tenth-best deal in MLB. Boston fans pay $.65 per ounce because a small draft beer at Fenway Park comes in a 12-ounce cup.

Other Target Field average prices, according to Team Marketing Report:

  • Average Ticket: $32.59
  • Premium Ticket: $74.18
  • Soft drink: $5
  • Hot dog: $4.50
  • Parking: $6
  • Cap: $20

In other words, four adult tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking for one vehicle and two hats will cost, on average, about $230.

The Twins, losers of at least 90 games each of the last four seasons, are once again considered one of the worst teams in baseball; and one win in the first seven games of the season has provided plenty of support for pessimistic opinions.

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