Holiday special: 12 GIFs of Christmas - Day 11 - Bring Me The News

Holiday special: 12 GIFs of Christmas - Day 11


Tomorrow is the big day, and our 12 Days of Christmas special is still going strong.

Instead of using gifts, we’re using GIFS. You know, those animated clips that highlight the best few seconds of a video. The sports world was filled with dramatic, painful and humorous GIFS this year, and we’ll unveil one new GIF every day between now and Christmas.

Here is our final GIF before we introduce our favorite on Christmas day. Hint: It has a little something to do with butterflies.

As for today's, the indelible butt fumble was reincarnated on a baseball field.

Poor Jonathon Villar, not only did he have to play for the atrocious Astros this year, he also now knows what it is like to dive into Cincinnati second baseman Brandon Phillips backside.

Phillips said postgame: "It was uncomfortable for me, I can't imagine how he felt."

We would advise Villar to keep his head down next time to avoid such life-changing experiences.

OK, we can't leave you without making sure you see the butt fumble again too.

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