Holiday special: 12 GIFS of Christmas – Day 5 - Bring Me The News

Holiday special: 12 GIFS of Christmas – Day 5


If you're putting off your Christmas shopping right now, you're not alone. As of Tuesday, 31 percent of Americans who plan on giving gifts haven't started shopping yet, according to a Consumer Reports poll.

Why start now? Join the masses at Mall of America or wherever this weekend and spend a few more minutes checking out our ongoing sports version of 12 Days of Christmas.

Instead of using gifts, we're using GIFS. You know, those animated clips that highlight the best few seconds of a video. The sports world was filled with dramatic, painful and humorous GIFS this year, and we'll unveil one new GIF every day between now and Christmas.

Sing along if you please...

On the fifth day of Christmas the sports world gave to me, a nacho from the front row seat.

Ex-Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder nonchalantly takes a nacho from a fan in the front row at Comerica Park in Detroit. Fielder was chasing down a foul ball... and he must have worked up an appetite running so far.

We don't believe his nacho theft is the reason why, but the Tigers traded Fielder to the Texas Rangers last month.

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