Holiday special: 12 GIFS of Christmas – Day 7

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Santa's birthday is only six days away. He'll be giving lots of gifts. It's what he does.

Instead of using gifts, we're using GIFS. You know, those animated clips that highlight the best few seconds of a video. The sports world was filled with dramatic, painful and humorous GIFS this year, and we'll unveil one new GIF every day between now and Christmas.

Sing along if you wish...

On the seventh day of Christmas the sports world gave to me, a really creepy GIF of Tom Brady.

The GIF inspired to put together a photo gallery of every time Brady has looked like an "idiot." Hey... we didn't say it.

Brady's comical high-five lineup was created after wide receiver Julian Edelman left him hanging during a game against the Saints earlier this season.

Brady ended up the hero as he led one of his patented fourth quarter comebacks in a big win over the New Orleans Saints.

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