How Duncan and Garnett stack up by the numbers

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Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan gave basketball fans years of dominance as two of the best power forwards in NBA history, but they'll never play against each other again with Duncan announcing his retirement on Monday.

"I treasure all the competitors I played against," Garnett said last December, via Sporting News. "But Tim and I were kind of the youngsters of our eras and we played countless times. So that makes it a little more epic."

Garnett has one year remaining on his contract with the Timberwolves, but nobody knows if he'll play or walk away. If he has played his last game, this is how he stacks up against Duncan.

Note: Garnett has played 21 seasons, Duncan played 19.


  • Duncan: 26,496
  • Garnett: 26,071


  • Duncan: 15,091
  • Garnett: 14,662


  • Duncan: 4,225
  • Garnett: 5,445


  • Duncan: 3,020
  • Garnett: 2,037

Field Goal Percentage

  • Duncan: 50.6 percent
  • Garnett: 49.7 percent

Duncan won five championships and was named Finals MVP three times, compared to just one title for Garnett and no Finals MVPs. Duncan won two regular season MVPs to KG's one. Both were 15-time All-Stars.

In January, ESPN unveiled its list of the ten greatest power forwards off all time and Duncan was No. 1 with Garnett at No. 5. Karl Malone, Dirk Nowitzki and Charles Barkley ranked 2-4.

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