How much is Josh Freeman getting paid to ride the pine this week?


One item that was lost - or at least confusingly explained - in all the Josh Freeman/Christian Ponder/Matt Cassel/McLeod Bethel-Thompson shuffling is this: How much is Josh Freeman getting paid?

Initial reports had it that the Vikings were going to fork over $3 million this season as the former Pro Bowler tried to regain his form on the purple payroll, but NBC's Mike Florio quickly refuted that, doing some fancy math to come up with a $2 million figure.

Florio has the real numbers worked out: "The exact truth, per a source with knowledge of the official deal, is that Freeman will receive $2,000,001 over the rest of the season."

It works out to $166,666.75 per week, for a 12-week season. Almost two large for watching the Carolina game from the Dome sidelines? Sign us up!

But wait, there's more: Freeman also will be eligible to receive after the season the balance of his unpaid salary from the Buccaneers. He’s still due to make $5.95 million, according to Florio.

For the full year, Freeman will make $10.43 million.

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