Phil Hughes undergoes rare procedure to remove his rib

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Twins pitcher Phil Hughes is out of surgery after undergoing a procedure to remove a rib that was causing him shoulder pain. The condition is known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

According to Mayo Clinic, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is difficult to diagnose and symptoms can vary among patients. They also mention that surgery may not relieve symptoms. Removing the rib helps relieve pressure on his shoulder, nerves and blood vessels.

Hughes will miss the rest of the season but is on track to be ready by spring training. Meanwhile, the New York Daily News says Mets pitcher Matt Harvey may have to go undergo the same procedure.

Dr. Lewis Maharam told the paper that "this happens in pitchers because of increased muscular building of the arm."

Other notable MLB pitchers such as Chris young, Shaun Marcum and Josh Beckett all have undergone the procedure in the past. Young still pitches in the big leagues at 37-years-old, but both Beckett and Marcum's careers were cut short due to injuries.

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