ICYMI: 4 highlights from Game 6 as LeBron keeps 'demoralizing' Curry

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If you didn't watch Game 6 on Thursday night you missed a second consecutive monster performance by LeBron James.

James finished with 41 points for a second straight game while adding 11 assists and 8 rebounds. Bottom line: he's dominating in the Finals like few have seen before. More from USA Today's Sam Amick:

"Not only is he turning in the kinds of virtuoso performances that are adding to his Hall of Fame resume’, but he’s demoralizing a fellow great and his all-time team along the way. The Warriors, from Curry on down, are shook."

You can get more of this cool content on the NBA Reddit page, but enjoy these clips from the game.

LeBron's huge dunk


LeBron stares down Curry


Curry throws his mouthguard and hits a fan


Kevin Love loses his mind after bad call


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