If Aaron Rodgers opts out of his contract the Packers are in serious trouble

Rodgers has an opt-out clause of his contract after his season.
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With Aaron Rodgers injured, the Packers have been flat out awful. 

Rodgers has always made up for Green Bay's deficiencies. In the three games without Rodgers, the Packers are scoring just 14 points per game and their defense continues to get torched.

Imagine how bad the team would be without Rodgers for the foreseeable future. Well, that could actually happen as soon as next season.

Rodgers has an opt-out clause in his contract after the 2017 season. He has a cap hit of $20 million this season and if he doesn't opt out of his contract, he'd make similar money next season.

Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports said on his television show this week that he doesn't understand why Rodgers would rush to sign with a weak Green Bay roster. 

"The Packers have shown their hand for years. They're not interested or they're incapable of landing significant free agents and often don't resign their own. Test the market, bro, unless you're in love with brats, cold winters, and that slick Green Bay suburb you live in."

Rodgers is going to get a record-setting contract, it's just a matter of where. 

Imagine if Rodgers signed with a team with a top-five defense, an elite defensive head coach, a potential star running back, two really high quality receivers, a Pro Bowl tight end, and a competent offensive line. He'd immediately have a Super Bowl-caliber supporting cast. 

But, man, where in the heck could he find something like that? Did someone say Minnesota?

Cowherd noted that it's a similar route that Peyton Manning took when he signed with the Denver Broncos in 2012. Teams from all over recruited him, but Denver's coaching staff, amazing defense and offensive line won him over.

If Rodgers opts out, you can bet everything you own that pretty much every team would be interested in his services.

Now, obviously, Green Bay isn't going to just let him walk and move on. We're talking about a mystery land where quarterbacks rarely leave, for an even more mysterious reason. 

But Packers general manager Ted Thompson better start putting his pitch together sooner rather than later if he wants to keep Rodgers in Green Bay.

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