Images: Top 5 Twins bobbleheads


Tomorrow night, the Twins resume their long history of offering bobbleheads to fans, featuring a double-bobble of a high-fiving Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer.

Our high-five of Twins bobbleheads all-time, goes like this:

5) Justin and Joe (2013). Bad Karma alert: Minnesota might want to wait before dealing Morneau to a contender until after tomorrow night's giveaway. Kudos to the Star Tribune's Michael Rand for finding other M&M BH's.

4) Minnie and Paul (2010). What the heck is Mauer going to do when Morneau is gone? Think about it. It's heartbreaking.

3) Hrbek and Gant (2011). Re-creating a 1991 World Series moment where Kent wrestled Ron off the first base bag for a big out. Verne Gagne is still grinning.

2) Josh Willing-Hammer (2013). Instead of a bat, the Hammer wields a foreign object into the batter's box.

1) Tom Kelly (2002). We're not sure who this is, but it's not TK. How can we tell? Oh, those Hubble-telescope glasses and perhaps that never-before-seen smile.

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