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How they scored, and other notes from Vikings-Steelers


It's a beautiful day for football in downtown Minneapolis, people! But the Vikings are playing a "home" game in London. So it makes perfect sense that we are live blogging from Brit's Pub, a futbol bar and true English pub, to watch a football game!

Get it? So, anyway, come on down, up or sideways, and that way we'll recognize you!

In the meantime, we will also have video updates, polls, and all sorts of interactive shenanigans.

But let's get things started off in our regular fashion. In honor of our hosts, let's hear from England's Newest Hit Makers! Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones!:

Now that we got that particularly poignant piece of anxiety off our collective heaving chests, it seems like a good time to direct you here, our One-Stop-Shop, Fully Interactive Place For Everything. Right here!

Our First Poll! What's your favorite Rollings Stones song? Click the link above to vote!

That was fun, wasn't it? I'm the only one who has voted!

Okay, so we will take your comments in the comment box below! The thread starts from the bottom up ... Did someone say Bottom's Up? Cheerio and Skol!

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