Indians' win streak is great for baseball, even better for the Twins

If Cleveland keeps winning, the Twins' playoff chances will only go up.

If you didn't notice, the Cleveland Indians have won 19 consecutive games. 

According to Akron Beacon Journal, they're one win shy of tying the longest winning streak of the expansion era (since 1961), set by the 2002 Oakland Athletics. The only other longer winning streaks in the pre-expansion era are a 21-game streak by the 1935 White Sox and a 26-game streak by the 1916 New York Giants (their streak included a tie). 

The Twins would be served well if Cleveland keeps the streak going. 

After wrapping up a series with the Tigers on Wednesday, the Indians will play four at home against the Royals, three at the Angels and three at the Mariners. If they win all of those games they'll host the Twins Sept. 26-29 riding a 31-game winning streak. 

The streak is cool, but most important is that the Indians could beat up on three of the six teams chasing the Twins for the second American League Wild Card. 

Ironically, it was the Twins who ended the Athletics' 20-game win streak in 2002, and then knocked them out of the playoffs. 

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