Injury expert says Vikings trainers saved Teddy's leg and career

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An injury expert with a blue checkmark by his name on Twitter, meaning he's verified, had a source tell him that Bridgewater could have lost his leg if not for the quick action by Vikings trainers, who called an ambulance to rush the injured quarterback to the hospital after he dislocated his knee and tore his ACL on Tuesday.

Basically, that means Bridgewater's tibia separated from his femur. Carroll, who has worked for Bleacher Report and other qualified companies in the past, says the injuries Bridgewater sustained are similar – but not as extensive – to that of former Raiders running back Napoleon McCallum, who endured a gruesome injury to his left knee in 1994.

According to the L.A. Times, McCallum suffered a dislocated knee, three torn ligaments, and his calf and hamstring muscles were ripped from the bone, along with nerve and artery damage.

The Vikings say Bridgewater did not suffer any nerve or artery damage, so it's not as extensive as McCallum's.

Carroll also used Marcus Lattimore's name when comparing Bridgewater's injury. Lattimore suffered a complete tear of his ACL and a dislocated kneecap during a college game in 2012. He tried to make a comeback before retiring from the NFL in 2014.

Caution: The video below is gruesome.

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