Is it Pitino? Gopher students snatching up basketball season passes


Richard Pitino is known as a youthful, energetic, bulldog that is relatable to students and recruits.

Perhaps those qualities are paying off already.

Reports say that Gopher basketball student section season tickets are flying off the racks at a rate five times greater than in years past.

To be fair, head of ticketing at the 'U' Brent Holck points to a few other factors: "We made a strategic decision to package up – whether it’s football and basketball, football and hockey, we also have a package that gives you all three – and we really have done a good job of promoting the packages. There’s a price discount in for students who want to purchase multiple sports season tickets."

You can prefer to believe Mr. Holck, we prefer to drink the Kool-Aid and think that Pitino is already a great hire without even putting a team on the court.

Plus, he's exactly like his father Rick. How can this go wrong?

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