Is Peterson's season already more impressive than Dickerson's?


Adrian Peterson needs 294 yards over the final two weeks of the season break Eric Dickerson's single-season NFL record of 2,105 rushing yards, which he set in 1984. Peterson is confident he'll set the record, but first and foremost he wants to make the playoffs.

Taking a look at the numbers, I found that Peterson's season is arguably already more impressive than the statistics Dickerson piled up in 1984. Take a look.

Even the great Barry Sanders is hoping Peterson breaks the rushing record.

Check out this stat. There have been 60 carries of 40+ yards in the NFL this season. Peterson has eight of the 60. That's the most in a single season since Barry Sanders finished with 11 in 1997 -- a season in which he rushed for over 2,000 yards. Suffice to say, Adrian is a home run waiting to happen every time he gets the ball.

Meanwhile, Peterson is hoping Leslie Frazier wins the NFC Coach of the Year award. In a Q&A with the Pioneer Press, Peterson said Frazier "has been the inspiration we need as the leader of this team. You couldn’t ask for a better person to win it.”

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