Is the NHL considering bringing back the glow puck?

Remember hockey in the 90s?!

Back in the 90s – when there were no high definition televisions – FOX Sports used infrared technology to track the puck in a hockey game, which was known as the glow puck.

It didn't exactly go well and the NHL ditched the idea after just two seasons when they moved on from FOX as their premiere broadcasting partner.

However, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is toying with bringing back the idea. "We have plans to roll out updated player and puck tracking," said Bettman as he was inducted to the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame earlier this week. "We are literally going back to the future." 

The commissioner also touched on that the fact that although the glowing puck was a flop, it laid the foundation for the NFL in their first down markers – something that is still present in today's game.

Greg Wyshynski of reported on Thursday that because of the updated technology in broadcasting, the time is right to try out the idea again.

Now every arena would need the proper tools to produce this technology, which is something that Wyshynski says is extremely expensive.

During the first attempt of the glow puck, players complained that the puck would, "stick to the ice." and it wouldn't move around like players were accustomed to.

Whether it comes to fruition or not, it would probably produce a better result than the ill-fated attempt from the first time.

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