Is Vikings' 'Duck, Duck, Gray Duck' the best TD celebration of the season?

NFL players said yes – but we went back and plucked 4 more highlights for consideration.
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Whether you want to call it "goose" or "gray duck" (Editor's note: it's "gray duck"), NFL players really liked it.

ESPN asked 151 NFL players to vote for the best touchdown celebration of the season, and the winner was the Vikings' "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" on Monday Night Football against the Bears. 

It got 35 of the votes, so about 23 percent of the total.

It's a great pick, especially since we all got to teach the rest of the country the proper name.

Somehow though, none of the Vikings' other good celebrations made it into the top four of ESPN's vote. 

There was the Thanksgiving feast:

And leap frog:

Plus Adam Thielen's "football" slide in London:

And Kyle Rudolph (who seems to be involved in a lot of these shenanigans) doing the Ickey Shuffle against Cincinnati, his hometown:

What do you think – should one of those be on ESPN's list? Or even above "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck?"

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