It hasn't been long since Minnesota sports fans rioted

Dinkytown rioters, we're talking about you.

Not to take the spotlight off of the rowdy fans who tried to burn down Philadelphia after the Eagles won Super Bowl LII Sunday night, but Minnesota sports fans aren't exactly innocent of the sports sin of rioting. 

Rewind time to April of 2014, when Dinkytown went wild after the Gophers men's hockey team beat rival North Dakota in the Frozen Four to reach the national championship game. Justin Holl's game-winning goal with less than a second left in the third period sparked celebratory rioting with fans jumping on police cars, throwing bottles at officers and setting garbage cans on fire.

The rioting escalated two nights later after the Gophers were crushed by Union in the national title game. 

As you might imagine, the rioting was worse after a loss. Nineteen people were arrested and two were charged with arson, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Dinkytown riots of 2014 (and 2002 and 2003) pale in comparison to the crazy rioting in Philadelphia, but let's not forget that it can happen in Minnesota, too. 


Eagles fans tear apart Philadelphia after Super Bowl win

Rioting, in its simplest form, is a strange way to celebrate victory or release after a heartbreaking loss. Why? Only the rioters know (alcohol, probably). 

It's completely wrong, and mostly illegal. But deep down, as soon as the rioters see a car or dumpster go up in flames, they seem to feel similar to how Tom Hanks did when he "made fire" on Cast Away

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