It might get loud: Lambeau Field renovation will bring the noise

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Everybody knows about the Lambeau Leap, but the Green Bay Packers are hoping that fans will soon know about the Lambeau Wall.

That's the scoop from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which reports that a certain renovation to pro football's most mythical stadium is designed to make the crowd louder. Some 7,000 Packer fans in the south end zone will be enclosed in the stadium's new wall and scoreboard, making Lambeau a pit of noise.

When the Green Bay Packers play the Washington Redskins on Sunday in the home opener, they will get their first look at a fully enclosed stadium crowd of 80,000-plus fans, says the Journal.

The new monolithic end zone wall with its 7,000 new seats and huge scoreboard reaches higher than anwhere else at Lambeau Field, where once the south end zone was open above the lower bowl.

"I would say if it can get loud, like we know it can? That can be huge for us," tight end Jermichael Finley tells the paper. "I'm excited about that."

Hey, it's pretty loud already. One list of the loudest stadiums in the NFL puts Lambeau at number seven. Our beloved and reviled Metrodome ranks fifth. What's the loudest? Click here to find out.

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