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It's all about the almighty dollar on Super Bowl Sunday


Sports, like anything else, is one big business.

With America's biggest sporting event breathing down our necks, a few reminders of the power of he greenback came down the wire over the weekend.

First, it will be a rather big pay day for Denver head coach John Fox should the Broncos come out on top Sunday.

According to Pro Football Talk, Fox will receive a $1 million bonus with a Super Bowl win, a provision written into his original contract.

The appearance is Fox's second in the big game, losing with the Panthers in 2004.

More big money on the line Sunday between former Tampa Bay defensive tackle and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp and rapper Rick Ross.

NBC Sports says Sapp, who is just one year removed from putting on a bankruptcy auction, and Ross have bet $100,000 on the game in a video acquired by TMZ.

Ross is taking Seattle, while Sapp, seen in the video telling the Miami artist "don't bet that", will take Denver.

Finally, as an overarching statement about how much money is actually involved in the spectacle that is the NFL's title game, a short preview from the Associated Press of how much money is expected to be bet on the Super Bowl this year.

Last year, Las Vegas took in $99 million in bets on Super Bowl 47, a record for the game. This year, the amount is expected to be north of that, jumping into triple-figures in the millions.

How do consumers manage to throw around so much money on the Super Bowl? Well, those of the gambling persuasion aren't just betting on winners and losers, they're wagering on everything from color of the Gatorade that is dumped on the winning coach, to how long it will take for Renee Fleming to sing the National Anthem.

Here's a complete list of prop bets you can place before the start of the game in case you're feeling the last-second itch to put some cash on the contest.

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