It's The Little Things: K-Mart's flop video; Twins projected to lose 90

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Sure, we'd all like a daily story that reads "Twins sign Masahiro Tanaka to seven-year, $155 million deal", or "Border bashing: Badgers obliterated by BCS-bound Gophers", but as Minnesota sports fans, some days we're just not that lucky.

As they say, it's the little things in life that you really have to appreciate, and the same goes for the sports world.

So until we have a $100 million pitcher or the Gopher football team rises to elite status, we bring you It's The Little Things, a semi-daily piece designed to let you know that while we're not the Yankees or the University of Alabama, we can still find joy in what we do have.

Today we start on a humorous note, with Wolves guard Kevin Martin pulling a flop on the offensive end in rather dramatic fashion.

Martin was warned by the league this afternoon for the flop, one that deserves applause, but still comes up short of our favorite sports flop of 2014 thus far.

Our second item on this frigid Monday comes from the Star Tribune's Michael Rand, who points out that the Twins are once again projected to lose 90 games in 2014, this prognostication coming from Baseball Prospectus.

Minnesota has already lost 90-plus three seasons in a row, the second-most consecutive seasons reaching the mark since the Twins came to our fair state. Should they do so again, they would tie the Twins squads of 15 years ago for franchise futility, losing 90-plus each season from 1997-2000.

A fourth consecutive year of this would hurt more than a fly ball to the face, wouldn't it Oswaldo?

[mlbvideo id="28758033" width="400" height="224" /]

Until next time, cover your face.

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