Jackrabbits in the Barn: SDSU meets No. 14 Gophers

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We can't take credit for this line, but someone clever said tonight's basketball meeting between the University of Minnesota and South Dakota State University is for burrowing rights. Gophers versus Jackrabbits, get it?

Actually, the only player that stands between the U and improving to 9-1 is SDSU star Nate Wolters, who played high school basketball at St. Cloud Tech. Wolters is averaging nearly 21 points per game -- which puts him in the top 25 in the nation.

According to the Minnesota Daily, some mock NBA drafts have Wolters going in the second round, maybe higher.

Wolters also isn't bitter about not being recruited by Minnesota. He says playing at a smaller school -- and playing more minutes -- made him a better player.

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