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Jared Allen expects to be booed in Minnesota


It's Jared Allen's birthday today and one thing the newest member of the Chicago Bears thinks he'll get from Minnesota is a round of boos when he returns to play the Vikings as a division rival next season.

“Minnesota has great fans so they’re going to boo me,” Allen said in an interview on Pro Football Live with Mike Florio. “Absolutely. I’m sure I’ll get some cheers later but absolutely they’re going to boo and why shouldn’t they? I now play for a division rival but I love the fans in Minnesota, I had six phenomenal years there. That organization, that state will always be a part of my life and again there is nothing but respect and joy and everything so it’ll be a fun time to play back against them but yeah I expect some boos.”

Allen turned 32-year-old today. The biggest concern, perhaps, with the five-time Pro Bowl defensive end is whether he has much left in his tank. Allen said on Monday during his introductory press conference that he has plenty of gas left.

Richard Dent is considered the greatest pass rusher in Bears history. He is tied for seventh on the all-time sacks list with 137.5 – 34 of which came in games played at 32 and older, according to CSN Chicago.

“I definitely think [Allen] still has something,” Dent said Wednesday. “Jared is still keeping his body weight down and that’s an important thing.

“You’re going to gain weight and it’s either going to be muscle or fat, one of the two. That’s the truth. You have to be aware of your lifestyle. And Jared definitely seems to be.”

Ex-Bears star linebacker Brian Urlacher called the addition of Allen a "great acquisition," according to the Chicago Tribune.

Watch Allen's full interview on Pro Football Live right here.


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