Jennings believes Patterson could be Vikings' best receiver

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Cordarrelle Patterson was a Pro Bowl selection as a prolific kick returner in his rookie season.

As a wide receiver, Patterson didn't begin to blossom, or get an opportunity, really, until the final month or so of the season. That's when Patterson exploded for five touchdowns (3 receiving, 2 rushing) over the final four weeks. Prior that, the former Tennessee Volunteer had just one receiving touchdown.

That momentum is something veteran wide receiver Greg Jennings expects Patterson to carry into his second professional season.

"I wanted him to know that, coming in, the expectation of you is no longer 'rookie.' It's, 'You gotta go. We saw what you can do. We're gonna showcase this,'" Jennings said, according to "For me, it was making sure that he understands that he has to be a professional. He has to be a pro's pro when he steps foot in this building, because we're expecting (him) to give us what we've seen you put out there."

According to Pro Football Talk, head coach Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Norv Turner want to make Patterson the focal point of what could be a very electric offense. For Jennings, handing the reigns as the No. 1 receiver to Patterson isn't a problem.

“I’m going to be honest: Once I saw him make a couple plays, I’m like, ‘We’ve got to get him the ball. He does too much well for us not to get him the ball,’” Jennings said.

How good could Patterson be? Maybe not as good as Turner's most recent success story, Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns (led the NFL with more than 1,600 receiving yards last season), but the Star Tribune says he could have a "monster" season if he continues to develop the way the Vikings want him to.

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