Jennings doesn't deny writing 'Packers suck' on Vikings helmet

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Here's an odd, but funny story (if you're a Vikings fan), about Greg Jennings and an autographed helmet he signed.

The helmet below was supposedly signed by Jennings, and as you can clearly see, he wrote "Packers suck" on the helmet.

Jennings didn't confirm or deny that he added the insult to the helmet.

"Oh my gosh. I'm not even going to jump into that," Jennings told FOX Sports North. "I'll let that story be what it is, a story. If you guys want to hype it. It has nothing to do with football, does it? Does it?"

The photo appeared on Twitter, but the account it appeared on was later deleted. As of now... this is comedy gold -- and maybe bulletin board material for the Packers.

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