Jennings wishes he could take back what he said about Packers


Greg Jennings regrets saying some of the things he did about the Packers over the summer, and now that the Packers are coming to town Sunday night to play the Vikings, Jennings is backtracking.

“It’s a phenomenal organization,” Jennings said of the Packers, via ESPN. “I had to make my departure. There were some things said that, man, if I could say it over again I would re-word it so that it can be conveyed a little differently. But they were said, and I can’t focus on that. I need to focus on the now and who am I am and what I am now.”

Over the summer Jennings said the Packers "brainwash" players. He also took a shot by saying quarterback Aaron Rodgers thought he was "perfect."

”I know this is a rivalry, but I don’t hate anyone over there,” Jennings said, via the Star Tribune. “The organization was great to me, fans were great to me and the guys continue to be great to me. I still have relationships with those guys, and I’ll forever have relationships for those guys.”

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