Jerome Simpson pleads guilty to two counts, avoids jail time

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Talk about a firestorm.

Thursday has not been the most fortuitous day to be associated with the Minnesota Vikings, whether it be Erin Henderson's second alcohol-related arrest in just over a month, Chris Kluwe's pounding of the organization via a Deadspin article, or Jerome Simpson having to appear in court to face the music over his own alcohol-related arrest in November. The Purple have seen better days.

The last of the aforementioned incidents is why we're here, as Simpson pled guilty today to careless driving and third-degree DWI, which will keep the Vikings wide receiver out of jail.

A third count, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, was dropped.

Rather than serve 15 days in the workhouse, which was one of the options when sentencing was levied, Simpson will work 120 hours in public schools, attend alcohol seminars, and be on probation for one year.

The charges all stem from a Nov. 9 arrest in which Simpson was driving from the downtown bar Pourhouse, when his car stalled on highway 394.

He denied drinking despite failing a field sobriety test.

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