'Jiggly Boy' and a love letter read out loud to Kevin Garnett

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If you want to spend the rest of your day digging through the countless stories about Kevin Garnett's first game back with the Timberwolves, feel free to do just that. But we've already done it, and here's a snapshot of our favorite stories and opinions after last night's memorable game.

'Jiggly Boy' welcomes KG back

Fox 9 has the story of the overweight fan, better known as "Jiggly Boy," who ripped off his shirt to unveil a Monet-like painting on his body that said, "Welcome home, KG." As you'll see in the second video below, Jiggly Boy made his acquaintance with Target Center security guards when he couldn't stop dancing back in 2003.

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A love letter being read out loud

Dan Barreiro said the emotion inside Target Center was like a love letter being read out loud. In his words:

“Dear KG: While you were getting your championship in your second act, screaming “Anything’s possible!”, you have no idea how comically, tragically, horribly bad it has been around here for 10 years without you. Bad drafts, bad trades, bad Mark Madsen 3s tanking for lottery balls, bad injuries, bad long-and-athletics, bad blueprints for success, bad triangle offenses, bad crowds, bad Meerkat, bad Beasley.

“So we tear the roof off this place tonight not because we really know how much you can do for us. We tear the roof off because you are a reminder, all at once, of the promise that once was, and the cruel, endless depths the franchise fell to since you left. You’re going to know every bit of it in one night. We’re going to get it all out, the joy and the agony, in one night.”

NBA.com recaps the night

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Steve Aschburner's take

The national writer, who used to cover the Wolves in Minnesota, had his eyes on Garnett as he sat for more than 29 minutes of the game. Every time Aschburner found Garnett, it was teaching moment from Garnett to one of the many inexperienced, still learning, youngsters on the team.

KG said it's nothing different from what he's always done. Aschburner noted that it's something the Wolves have sorely missed.

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