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Jimmy Fallon highlights 'kiss cam' video on 'Tonight Show'


The viral video of a brother and sister put on the spot by a "kiss cam" at a Gophers hockey game on Valentine's Day has made it to the new "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Fallon, who took over the reins of the iconic talk show from Jay Leno this week, had a laugh showing the video during this opening monologue Wednesday night.

"During this hockey game last week, one man in Minnesota was prepared to be on (a kiss cam) – and for good reason, too," Fallon explained, setting up the clip.

The prep work, of course, was that Adam Martin had a sheet of paper ready that said, "MY SISTER" with an arrow pointing toward the woman sitting next to him – his sister, Maria.

After the clip and laughs from the audience, Fallon then imagined what happened off-camera.

"Then he turns to the old guy next him and is like, 'Let's do this, Uncle Frank. Come on, let's go,'" Fallon joked, mocking a big smooch.

The reference starts at 4:11

The video has been featured on several websites coast to coast since it debuted online, including the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Time and the New York Daily News.

Despite the fact that there were more than 10,000 fans at the game, where the Gopher men took on Michigan, Adam Martin told the Daily News that he didn't want to take any chances of being put on the spot.

"One in 10,000 – I wasn’t taking those odds," he said.

Maria Martin said she wasn't surprised that her brother was prepared for the unlikely event.

"He always was a planner," Maria Martin told People magazine. "He brought the sign as a joke. He didn't want people to think I was his girlfriend."

Asked if she were placed in the same position again, Maria Martin told People that she would have a sign that reads, "Older brothers are so embarrassing."

As of Thursday morning, the clip featuring the Martin siblings had more than 6.6 million views on YouTube.

The video was shot by Nate Anderson, who also works at KARE 11.

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