Joe Buck, Randy Moss mend fences over moon shot

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It was perhaps one of the greatest touchdown celebrations in Minnesota Vikings playoff history.

And FOX football play-by-play guy Joe Buck ruined it for everyone, calling it "a disgusting act."

You know what we're talking about. This:

It was the Moss moon, circa 2005, during the big Purple playoff win over the Packers at Lambeau Field.

In 2013, Moss has a new job with FOX Sports 1, and Buck is still a play-by-play guy.

Sunday night, the co-workers buried the hatchet over the incident -- defusing any possible angry encounters at the office water cooler.

Buck: "We good? You did you thing on the field, I did my thing in the booth."

Moss: "I played the game, you analyzed it, you said what you said, I did what I did, and we moved on."

And that was it.

Moss: Mature.

And a peaceful "ending" to the fake moon.

So, with apologies to Margaret Wise Brown:

"Goodnight moon.
Good night Joe complaining about the moon.
Goodnight Chicago Bears.
Goodnight Pack-airs."

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