Joe Mauer: The third best defensive catcher in the AL?

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Joe Mauer is the best defensive catcher in the world, right?


Managers voted Mauer as the third best defensive catcher in the American League, according to the Pioneer Press. It's part of Baseball America's annual Best Tools survey.

Kansas City's Salvador Perez and Matt Wieters of the Orioles ranked 1-2 on the list.

"It's opinions -- that's what it is," Mauer said. "Those two guys are having great seasons, too. It's nice to be recognized, I guess, as one of the better defensive catchers in the league, for sure. You appreciate managers recognizing you're one of the better ones around. I'll take it like that."

Mauer was second on the list last season, and finished No. 1 in the AL from 2008-2010.

Mauer was voted the second best AL hitter in "Strike-Zone Judgement."

Twins pitcher infielder Jamey Carroll was ranked the second best "Hit-and-Run Artist."

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