Jose Canseco says he'd remove body part to play with St. Paul Saints


Former Oakland Athletics slugger Jose Canseco -- "bash brother" to Mark McGwire -- wants to play ball in St. Paul.

It all started when Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan wrote that the minor league Saints could do worse than sign Canseco, 48, who wants to keep playing somewhere, somehow.

As Souhan wrote: "He's even willing to pitch, so the Saints' biggest worry might be keeping the Twins from signing him."

On Friday, Canseco published several Tweets on the prospects of playing with the Saints, including offering (tongue-in-cheek, we presume) to sacrifice one of his own testicles for the privilege.

Here's a sampling:

A spokesman for the Saints tells the Star Tribune that the team is "flattered" that Canseco wants to play for them, but he can not comment on "whether we're considering Mr. Canseco or not."

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