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Here's why you shouldn't be concerned with Sano's strikeout rate

Miguel Sano is hitting nearly .500 when he connects.

In a quick search coupled with some cell phone calculator help, I found that Miguel Sano has the second highest batting average in baseball when he doesn't strike out. The only guy better, and by a lot, is Yankees phenom Aaron Judge.

Check out the top 15 (based on my calculations).

  1. Aaron Judge, Yankees - .516
  2. Miguel Sano, Twins - .456
  3. Matt Davidson, White Sox - .439
  4. Trey Mancini, Orioles - .435
  5. Michael Taylor, Nationals - .424
  6. Bryce Harper, Nationals - .423
  7. Tim Beckham, Rays - .422
  8. Jake Lamb, Diamondbacks - .419
  9. Chris Taylor, Dodgers - .418
  10. Mark Reynolds, Rockies - .417
  11. Marcel Ozuna, Marlins - .416
  12. Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks - .414
  13. Michael Conforto, Mets - .414
  14. Avisail Garcia, White Sox - .412
  15. Keon Broxton, Brewers - .411

This is different from BABIP, which doesn't take into account home runs, but only balls in the field of play.

Clearly, Sano's 110 strikeouts – tied second most in MLB – appear to be a problem, but he more than makes up for it when he hits the ball.

For comparison, Byron Buxton is batting .312 in at-bats that he doesn't strikeout. That's a telltale sign that Sano's whiffs are far less concerning than Buxton's. Brian Dozier is batting .314 when he doesn't strike out.

We'll get to see Judge and Sano go head-to-head during next week's Home Run Derby.

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