Judge wants Vikings, Wells Fargo to figure out 'photobomb' lawsuit this month


The Minnesota Vikings and Wells Fargo will meet later this month to figure out what to do about the bank's signs the Vikings say "photobomb" the new stadium.

The Vikings filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo over the elevated and illuminated rooftop signs on top of two bank towers near U.S. Bank Stadium, saying the signs "photobomb" the stadium in aerial shots. The suit also claims the signs violate an agreement the two companies made a few years ago.

And now it looks as if the sign feud could be settled soon. U.S. Magistrate Judge Janie Mayeron issued an order on Wednesday requiring the two sides to attend meet on April 26 to settle things.

Mayeron says "all participants should plan on spending the entire day and evening, if necessary, at this settlement conference."

Representatives for the companies who have full authority to negotiate a settlement must be present, the judge says.

Before April 26, both sides are ordered to have a "full and frank" discussion, and if they don't come to an agreement they're required to submit a letter to Mayeron by April 19 that details their positions.

In January, a judge declined to issue a preliminary injunction that would have forced Wells Fargo to remove the 56-foot-long signs, MPR News reported.

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