KAT vows to fulfill promise to Flip; will unveil 'added' element to his game in '17-'18

Towns had some big things to say at 'Wolves Media Day' on Friday

When Karl Anthony Towns speaks, Timberwolves nation listens. Towns wasn't shy when discussing his high expectations for the season at Timberwolves Media Day as part of the tip-off to NBA training camp.

Friday, Towns was all but oozing confidence on the precipice of his third year as a pro. This time, it comes with the new-look Timberwolves who overhauled their branding logos, uniforms, and most notably their roster.

Wolves fans might get excited about this nugget coming from Towns' press conference with the media: KAT plans to unveil something he "added" to his game when the regular season arrives.

Hardly anyone would question rather a 22 year old phenom has the tools to continue to evolve and add elements to his game. 

Now the question is 'what in the world could that be?' The sky hook a la Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? The signature one footed fall back fade-away made famous by Dirk Nowitzki? The kiss-off-the-glass jumper from down low as coined by Tim Duncan? The possibilities are endless – all we can do is speculate and wait!

Towns is still growing – both physically and as a maturing professional basketball player.

Towns also talked about a promise he made to the man who brought him to Minnesota by selecting him No. 1 overall in the 2015 NBA Draft, Flip Saunders. 

That promise? To end the playoff drought that has haunted the franchise for nearly 15 years.

Karl Anthony Towns will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders to make good on the promise that he made to the late, great Flip Saunders. 

From a basketball perspective, a more diverse, well-rounded, and determined Towns will likely not bode well for all the 2017-18 opponents who intend to stand in Minnesota's way.

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