KAT's Instagram story about sliding into his girlfriend's DMs is hilarious

If you don't speak Instagram, this might confuse the heck out of you.

Karl-Anthony Towns: star NBA player and boyfriend to fitness model Kawahine Andrade. 

So how did Towns attract Andrade? He slid into her DMs on Instagram. 

Wait, what?

If you're like me and have a child and write full sentences with the exception of the occasional "LOL," you probably missed the whole "sliding into DMs" phenomenon. 

Apparently, it's internet lingo that 76ers big man Joel Embiid popularized in 2014 with a tweet to Kim Kardashian. That's what my super millennial co-worker, Shaymus told me, anyway. 

A "DM" is a "direct message," but the way Embiid – and now Towns – say it, makes it sound way more sexual. 

So over the weekend, Towns posted a nine-slide Instagram story explaining how he slid into Andrade's DMs, starting with a NSFW photo of Andrade in a Star Wars Halloween costume. Read it from left to right:

Basically, Towns is telling the world that his shot in the dark worked out great and now he's happy and in love. 

As for the "secure the bag" stuff KAT mentions, I've got no clue. 

For the record, Andrade has some basketball skills, too. Here's her profile from her days as a basketball player at Orange County College in California. 

Andrade has quite a few photos of her and Towns together that you can see on her Instagram

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