Kevin Love banner already hanging from building in Cleveland

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Johnny Football doesn't have a banner hanging from a building in Cleveland. Kevin Love does.

File this one in the "you gotta' see it to believe it" category. The Cavaliers are so infatuated with the third wheel of their Big Three, also featuring LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, that they dropped a banner from the top of a building today, according to

Love was traded to the Cavaliers on Saturday for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, along with Thaddeus Young from the 76ers.

In Minnesota, Love's name and face is being scrubbed from everything but the record books. According to FOX Sports North, the skyway surrounding Target Center in Minneapolis is already void of his likeness, and all No. 42 Wolves gear is being sold for discounted prices on the store.

Even the Octopus at The SEA Life Aquarium is acting like Ron Artest (AKA Metta World Peace, AKA The Panda's Friend) by changing it's name from K-Love to Ocho. FSN has the details.

"The SEA LIFE Aquarium isn't parting ways with K-Love, the octopus that Love himself released into its tank in 2012, but the moniker is being "traded" to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium's in exchange for the naming rights to Ocho, Cleveland's giant Pacific Octopus. SEA LIFE officials plan to change that name to something Andrew Wiggins-related, in honor of the centerpiece Minnesota gleaned in return for Love."

Meanwhile, arriving today in Minnesota for the first time as Wolves were Wiggins, Bennett and Young.

The Wiggins banner, if there is one, isn't hanging from any Twin Cities buildings that we know of.

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