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After ripping management, no apology from Love


A bit of damage control today from Wolves’ star Kevin Love.

Yesterday, he told Yahoo! Sports that he was upset at the constant roster changes, and still seemed irked that he wasn't offered a maximum five-year contract.

Today, Love told reporters he won’t apologize for his comments, but in the future won’t criticize management in a public forum.

Love also said that he didn't mean to alienate his team ... adding that this is the "closest knit" team he's seen in Minnesota.

As for the Yahoo! article, Love also told reporter Adrian Wojnarowski that he was "really hurt" by those in the organization who doubted that he recently broke his hand doing knuckle pushups.

Judd Zulgad writesthat Love's frustration is a reminder of how dysfunctional the Wolves' organization has been.

Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press thinks Love is just an "extremely sensitive fellow."

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