Kevin Love to the Lakers? Or Bulls? Or Knicks?

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If you're not tired of "Kevin Love is leaving" rumors yet, you certainly will be by the time his contract is up with Minnesota at the end of the 2014-15 season, if he even makes it that far.

There have been three different reports on possible landing spots for the first-time All-Star stater recently, two of which came out Thursday.

The first and most serious report comes with major backing, and was reported earlier Thursday by Chris Broussard of ESPN.

According to Broussard in a report that has been picked up by every major and non-major NBA outlet around, one NBA general manager says there is a "100 percent" chance that Love signs with the Lakers after his contract is up with Minnesota.

It makes sense since Love is a UCLA alum, Santa Monica native, and the Wolves haven't found a way to win with Love. Still, the report makes the possibility of a departure seem all too real for Minnesota faithful.

The next suggests that Love should be on the move before the trade deadline this season, which is just three weeks away.

The Chicago Bulls would be the destination, a team that seemingly tried to tank the rest of the 2013-14 season when trading ultra-solid, all-around contributor Luol Deng to the Cavaliers earlier this season for future draft picks and Andrew Bynum, who was cut immediately.

Well, that didn't do the trick, because the Bulls are winning, and a Yahoo! article seems to think Love would be a good idea for Chicago before Feb. 20.

The final report mentions the Lakers, but also brings up the New York Knicks as a possible landing spot for K-Love.

Sam Smith is responsible for this report, emphasizing that once the end of 2014-15 season is here, Love is gone.

Very few reports, and none that we have found, have Love returning to Minnesota.


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