KG speaks; gives ringing endorsement to Sam Mitchell

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Less than a week after rumors began circulating that some members of the Minnesota Timberwolves weren't fully buying into interim Wolves head coach Sam Mitchell's program, the team's emotional leader attempted to set the record straight on Tuesday.

Kevin Garnett spoke to reporters Tuesday to make it clear that he is firmly behind Mitchell and the rest of the Wolves coaching staff.

"It needs to be understood that I'm endorsing not only our coaches, but Sam Mitchell," Garnett said Tuesday. "More importantly I am excited about our future, I'm excited about our young players, I feel like we are getting better."

"Not only do I endorse Sam Mitchell, but the other players do too and we believe in not just him, but the system and what we're trying to do here," Garnett said.

Garnett will miss his fifth straight game Tuesday night with what the team describes as a sore knee, but it was clear he had something on his mind as the Star Tribune notes that he was seeking out reporters at the team's shoot around.

Garnett may have felt compelled to say something in defense of his former teammate after he was asked 10 days ago if he thought Mitchell was the right man for the job. At the time KG responded with, "Next question."

Last week, the Associated Press reported that nearly half of the Wolves players had privately expressed concerns about Mitchell. But on Tuesday Garnett had a much different take.

"These last 10, 15 games, we've gotten better," Garnett said. "You see it and I think that needs to be said. I think you all need to understand we're supportive around here."

The Wolves (14-35) start a back-to-back road trip in Los Angeles Tuesday night against the Lakers. They will take on the Clippers on Wednesday night.

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