Kill in radio interview: 'I'll be coaching a long time'


Gopher football head coach Jerry Kill gave an interview to WCCO-AM Wednesday morning, and expanded on some of the lifestyle changes he's adopted as he continues to recover from his latest seizure.

The first question Sid Hartman volleyed was how he felt about the upset over Nebraska last weekend. "I think that was great therapy," Kill said,"not just for me, but for everyone, the whole state."

As KSTP reported earlier, he went back to his normal Tuesday news conference for the first time in four weeks.

He went on to point out that he was on the practice field all last week, but that "I gotta use my time better."

That means, Kill said, cutting back from his usual 16-hour workdays to a more manageable eight to 12.

"I'll be coaching a long time," Kill said. "All I have to do is adjust."

One benefit from his absence on the sideline? "It's given me time to concentrate on recruiting."

He also said Tuesday that he'll be watching the upcoming game at Indiana from the press box because he doesn't he doesn't want to mess with a system that seems to be working.

"Right now," he told WCCO, "We all feel good about what we're doing."

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