Kirk Cousins' account is the most wholesome thing about Twitter

If you're in need of lift, follow Kirk on Twitter.

Don't worry about any off-the-field antics when Kirk Cousins joins the Vikings – he's as clean as they come.

Lord knows Twitter is an absolute horror show at times – ok most of the time – and is often used by sporting superstars to let off steam, mock defeated teams and boast of their prowess.

Kirk Cousins' Twitter however might be the most wholesome thing about the Internet.

It's not surprising, Cousins is the quintessential, God-loving family man who's clearly grateful for where he's ended up in life – yet there are myriad examples of stars in similar situations who don't have the same outlook.

I mean, check out this tweet from March 10 – the guy spends his time watching Sesame Street with his son, and it doesn't get more wholesome than that.

When on vacation, rather than posting snaps of his beach bod or having a Sangria by the pool, Cousins' attention is diverted by natural phenomena.

Here he actually says "Whoa Nelly," the phrase made famous by the late great Keith Jackson, though he might have to start saying "Oh boy!" now that he's in Minnesota.

Gridlock has the ability to turn even the most mild-mannered of human into a festering cesspool of rage.

Not Kirk Cousins though – this is about as angry as he gets.

This will win him points with North Dakotan Vikings fans – a nice message of support to Carson Wentz.

Even when he's on the losing team, he looks for the bright side.

What he doesn't tell you is his favorite movie is "Silence of the Lambs."

So there you have it – don't check on Cousins' Twitter if you're looking for a guy who slams his teammates, mocks his opponents or flips the bird to management.

Because with Kirk...

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