Kluwe: NFL Hall of Fame 'lazy,' 'stupid' for snub of punting great

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Outspoken Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is taking up another cause -- and this time it has to do with his chosen profession, the New York Times reported.

Kluwe and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick are trying to drum up support to get NFL punting great Ray Guy a place in the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. The protest was sparked by a Yahoo! Sports piece published Wednesday where Guy -- who was forced to sell his Super Bowl rings a few years ago after declaring bankruptcy -- said he was frustrated about being snubbed by the Hall of Fame.

Kluwe took his fighting words to Deadspin.com to call into question why the Hall of Fame selection committee has yet to nominate the former Raiders punter. Deadspin is the same site he throttled Maryland state delegate Emmet C. Burns Jr. over the same-sex marriage debate.

Here's an excerpt from Kluwe's open letter (disclaimer -- profanity on the Deadspin site):

"That's right, voting committee, you’re lazy. You’re indolent, slothful, petulant, ignorant, and flat-out stupid. You perpetuate the same small-minded 'Oh, he’s just a kicker' stereotype every single time you refuse to acknowledge that Ray Guy belongs in the Hall of Fame, because YOU'RE UNWILLING TO LEARN."

Kluwe's dispatch to the Hall of Fame wasn't as filled with expletives as his open letter to Burns, but he did punctuate the piece with an F-bomb:

"Frankly, you sicken me, every last one of you. You have no idea what teamwork really means. If you're going to be the stewards of greatness, the arbiters of team play, then do your (expletive) job. Ray Guy did his."

Kluwe was one of the most publicly vocal Minnesota personalities to toss his hat in the same-sex marriage debate, starting last summer and continuing all the way through the general election.

Kluwe even publicly debated an empty chair a few weeks before the election, with KQRS Morning Show host Tom Barnard serving as moderator.

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