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Kluwe stands up for gay professional athletes


In his continued mission to end homophobia, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe adresses the issue of openly gay athletes in a CNN opinion piece.

"This isn't right" is the stance Kluwe takes on the stigma of being gay in American professional sports leagues. Kluwe, a vocal advocate of legalizing same-sex marriage and gay rights, is one of few players talking about the issue.

The debate over how gay players are accepted in the NFL was refueled the week before the Superbowl when 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver made it clear he would not welcome a gay teammate and suggested players shouldn't say whether they're gay.

"It's not right that professional sports, and especially the professional sports media, have created an environment where gay players are willing to hide essential components of themselves as human beings in order to pursue their dreams, in order to not be a distraction," Kluwe writes.

Kluwe says the NFL and other sports leagues try to hammer home to players that "the team comes first" and being comfortable with who you are takes a backseat.

Similar to past literature, the punter aims to convince his audience that gays don't pose a threat to others with such eloquent language.

"I'm writing this so that coaches, managers, players, owners and fans realize that the first gay player who comes out won't spontaneously cause rainbows to erupt out of everyone's rear," Kluwe says.

"Instead of looking at an openly gay player as a distraction, ask yourselves -- how much better would that player play if he didn't have to worry about hiding a core part of who he is?"

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